Friday, February 26, 2010

Thoughts on a Friday...

1. Snow? Really? - I got up this morning and, when I opened my front door to head to work, I was so disappointed to see the snow still coming down. Now I'm generally a fan of snow, but I'm so over it. This girl needs some sunshine stat.

2. Welcome to my infirmary - My house is now officially an infirmary. My son is home sick again. Not-So-Ex is feeling crappy. I have an ear infection. My poor daughter is gonna need some huge amounts of vitamins to keep her from catching something. We're all going to urgent care as soon as I get out of work so hopefully we can get back to normal quickly. But I'm tired of sickiness.

3. We're still looking - The house hunting thing is no longer so exciting. We found an iffy house and a cute house in the exact wrong place (I mean there's one street I won't live on and where's the decent looking house? You guessed it.), but the realtor says there's something coming open this weekend that we might like. But I can't get any more details from her! And it's killing me! I mean she said the words "spectacular kitchen" and then nothing more. I mean come on!!!!

4. I've become somewhat obsessed with Johnny Cash. Especially the American recording sessions. One of these days, I'm gonna spring for this, and my life will be complete. LOL

5. I haven't baked in ages. I know a big part of this is just cause there's so much going on right now. I hope to rectify the non-baking trend this weekend (especially since Cupcake Hero this month is all about caramel!) but we'll see how it goes.

Update - One last thing, the charter school bill I mentioned in a previous post is still kicking!


Realliveman said...

How did things go wiht the other house?

I hope everyone feels better soon.

Paige said...

I looked at one house on Monday and wasn't too impressed. But just got info on the new house from the realtor and it's the perfect location so we're gonna check it out tomorrow.

I hope we all do too! And I hope I can get to urgent care quick cause my ear has really been bugging me.

Anonymous said...

I've always kinda liked ya, Paige, but after reading #4, I officially might love you. As you may be aware, I have long been obsessed with his offspring, Rosanne (no "e").