Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The one where she feels lucky...

So when we first made an offer on the house that we were going to buy, the realtor sat us down and said that the owners had recently had an inspection done and gave us a copy to go over. As we looked it over she said that, if we wanted to, we could just use their inspection instead of having to pay to have my own done again.

Luckily, I said that we wanted to have another one done.

I received the inspection report yesterday night and was appalled. Now I want to state clearly that we knew it was an older home with an older roof that was showing signs of wear and tear. What we didn't know was that, once you got into the attic, you could see light through the roof.

In addition to the roof, there were a myriad of other problems, some small and some not. In the end, it was clear that buying that house would have been a tremendous mistake. I contacted the realtor and withdrew our offer.

So now we've gone from picking out light fixtures and gathering boxes to start packing to scouring the real estate guide again. While I'll readily admit that I'm frustrated, I'm also incredibly thankful that we didn't get stuck with a lemon of a house. Now if I can just find a good one! LOL

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Jacque said...

I'm not looking forward to this part of house buying when it comes time. Still, a better deal than my sister who built. Never build. It never works out as planned.