Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My comments have been down for like a week and I had no clue! I really thought my normal commenters had just been busy! LOL

I'm trying to get it fixed. I do use the comment moderation feature, but I normally clear and post them pretty quickly. If you see that it's not working, please shoot me an email!

So sorry for the screw up!

Update: It appears to be working now. Unfortunately all of the comments left while it wasn't working were lost. Booooooooooo.

Update 2: Things still don't seem to be working quite right. *sigh*


All Click said...

double test

Paige said...

We have definitive proof now that it works! LOL

Lyneya said...

sorry they've been down. I know I sent a couple comments that haven't shown up. Mostly just smiles and happy thoughts since you seemed to be having a bad weekend.

Steven said...

Mic check, one, two...

Steven Allen Adams

Paige said...

Woo Hoo! We are clearly back in business.

Lyneya... I did have a rough weekend but I'm back to myself now!

Steven... Oh yeah... Mic is definitely on!

All Click said...

Well my first test didn't go through..but things look to be fine now.

Just don't let it happen again :-p

Paige said...

I solemnly swear to pay more attention to my comments (or lack thereof) so help me God. * said with one hand on the Bible and one in the air*