Friday, September 23, 2011

Why today is awesome!

So I'm sick. I have some sort of cold/allergy/crud thing and it knocked me on my butt-butt. Yesterday was one of the worst days I've had in a while because I managed - all in one day - to lock myself out of the house (while my phone was, of course, in the house), accidentally let Lucy the Asthmatic Demon Dog loose on the world for about 5 minutes, and get called into work very briefly while feeling like a sniffly zombie.

But, while yesterday was horrific, I am determined that today will be superb. And why would I expect that? Because we just got the call that my beautiful little car is finished and we can pick it up from the body shop!
My poor little baby - after the attack
Now for those of you that are out of the loop, my car that we bought not even 6 months ago was brutally attacked. She was sitting, parked, on the road by our house - minding her own business - when a big ole ambulance smashed into her. As a result, she has spent most of September in the car hospital being put back together. And, while she's been hospitalized, I've been forced to drive a rental car that, while being much like my girl on the surface, I am convinced is a male car. The rental has been fine, and is much better than having to share a car with Not-So-Ex, but it's just not my girl.

So the goal for today is to keep myself hopped up on cold meds so that I can function, rather than returning to my sniffly zombie status, pick up my baby, get myself to work for a bit, get my kiddos after school, and then have a relaxing evening. Tomorrow is one of my early mornings at work so I definitely have to get myself feeling better by the end of today! Wish me luck!