Monday, October 24, 2011

Things I love about the new place

So I haven't written in an eternity and part of the reason is because we've been moving for what seems like an eternity! But we're now 90% moved in and starting to settle. It was a tough process but I couldn't be happier that we chose to do this.

So, here is my list of things I love about the new house!

1. The room! Our old place was pretty cramped. It was on the small side when we moved in and, as we added a husband and several pets since then, it was SUPER small by the time we left. But now there are enough bedrooms for the kids to each have their own and, as a result, the amount of morning and bedtime arguments are greatly reduced. It also means we have a sudden return of closet space, cabinet space, and general floor space.

2. The yard. The old place was much more apartment like so there was little yard, except out front where all we could do was hook the doggers up on a lead to give them some exploring time. Now we have a fenced back yard (especially since Not-So-Ex fixed the fence so that it actually can contain the doggers after a first day of them getting out of both their kennel and the fence repeatedly leaving me in a state of insanity rarely seen) and on beautiful days like today I can leave the back doors open and let the dogs go in and out as they wish while I carry out my normal work. This option has made Lucy much less of a black sheep, which is always good. Even Jaker loves the freedom.

3. The sunroom. We have a front room that is mostly windows and which makes it possible to bring my dwarf trees and other sensitive plants inside and keep them going through the winter. Or at least it will in theory. I do have two dogs with the run of the place. They best not eat my dwarf pomegranate tree again.

4. The kitchen and bathroom. While neither room is perfect (hopefully yet), they are VAST improvements over the last place. The kitchen has an oven that will actually hold two cookie sheets side by side (the last oven wouldn't). As if that wasn't enough, the oven even has a correct temp (old one was 50 degrees off) AND a timer! As for the bathroom, it has storage space in form of a closet AND a cabinet (old place had NADA) and some actual floor space. Probably the best part is that I can fall and not hit my head on the toilet. I know that sounds crazy, but I am tremendously clumsy and my fall at the old place scared the crap out of me!

5. The basement. Our old house had a VERY leaky basement. And I really mean it when I say VERY. One time it was up to my calves because even the drain backed up. The new house will probably have some water issues, I don't expect it to be perfectly watertight, but so far, so good. It's also a bit less perfect of a horror movie scene, which makes me quite happy. We've got our washer and dryer all set up now, so I'm sure we'll be spending plenty of time down there and I'll be happy to not expect a stabbing every time I go to change the loads over. LOL

Ok... that'll do for now I guess. While there's plenty to love, I also have to say I really hate boxes and will be thrilled when they are all gone! I'd better get back to doing my dishes now!