Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things that float through my head on a pseudo-Monday...

So today is really a Tuesday but, since yesterday was a holiday, it really feels like a Monday. My lucky little heatherns got a snow day so they get to postpone Monday one more day! But Momma has to slave away for the man so here I sit.

But, as tends to happen, my mind isn't so much on work right now. I have a small stack of donations and reports to enter, which will take about an hour, so my mind is currently on the house.

I have become, quite frankly, somewhat obsessed with light fixtures. The exterior of our house, to me, is very jazzy and New Orleansy. I've only been to New Orleans once and, while it wasn't the best of trips, I loved the look and feel of a city that is steeped in tradition while still being up for absolutely anything.

So the outside of the house says jazz but the inside of the house says "Hi. I'm 80 years old." The carpet is dark and heavy and often clashing. There are these huge, heavy chandeliers that are far too formal for a jazz house.

The first step of course will be to jerk that carpet out of there and refinish the hardwood underneath. That alone will make a huge change.

The next step will be replacing those chandeliers. Here's where we run into the confusion though. I want the inside to feel just as cool and jazzy and New Orleans (modern but with history) as the outside. So I sit and search for pics of houses in New Orleans in the 20s-30s. Thus far, I haven't found much of interest. I think the key for me is to just find modern, simple fixtures with very clean lines. I want to use some bright colors inside as well but I have to walk a very thin line there. The outside is brick, so I'd like to bring the red inside as well (and red is already a theme in my furniture and such) but I don't want to overdo it.

Well anyway, once we get going I am sure there will be much to report. But, for now, I'm stuck researching, daydreaming, and waiting!

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think Tiffany-style light fixtures bring a mixture of old style, but classic feel to a room.