Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pure Excitement

So today we accepted the counter offer from the owner of the house we were interested in. It was an interesting process for a newbie.

We made a super low opening offer because there were a lot of things we were unclear on. We knew the outside of the house was perfect (for me anyway) but, since the house was built in 1929, we wanted to be clear on what condition everything was in. Once we started dealing with them, we found out that the house had a lot of improvements we didn't know about including a brand new heating and cooling system, which means a lot to a chick who is totally over window air conditioners! And we have high hopes for the flooring, which is a big issue since I hated the carpeting.

There's still a lot to be done like inspections and finalizing the bank deal. Things could still fall apart, but we're much closer.

On a side note, my son hurt himself at a school skating party Friday but, luckily, didn't break anything but has to have a stint on his arm for a while. We feel blessed that his injury was small and simple.

Have an awesome weekend folks! Share lots of love!

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