Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Pros and Cons

Pro: Had the greatest, most relaxing weekend I've had in ages. It took me a little bit to figure out why it was so good but then I realized that it's the first weekend Not-So-Ex has had off for a while. It was nice to chill out, do nothing, and catch up on rest and a little house work.

Con: I didn't want the weekend to end! However, I am still in a pretty damn good mood anyway.

Pro: I wore a brand new, cute little pleated grey skirt to work, which meant I got to pull out the killer grey Mary Jane-ish heels for the very first time. I love rocking awesome shoes!

Con: My cute skirt is shorter than I normally wear so I'm constantly self-consciously pulling it down. And the heels will eventually kill my feet but I really don't care. LOL

Pro: It's a date week! Woo Hoo! The parents and in-laws have the kiddies so Not-So-Ex and I can house shop, hit the movies, and dine out all week long. You really can't beat that.

Con: This is a kinda weak con, but I will miss the kids. But probably not that much! LOL

Pro: This week is Valentines so I have lots of cupcaking to do. I have an order this week plus the cupcake competition at the mall on Sat. I'm really super psyched about it.

Con: I personally think Valentine's Day is a complete crock. I think it's a made-up, bs holiday but I will admit to enjoying all the heart stuff and cool cupcake materials that come with the holiday.

Pro: On the house hunt front, we are going to look at a house today that is our current best shot. I don't know if we'll take it or not (it needs a LOT of work but is so cheap that we could afford to put into it what is needed) but we're gonna give it a look.

Con: I'm a terrible decision maker. And really impatient. I tend to jump into things while Not-So-Ex is much more wary. The last house we bought (during marriage 1.0) was a disaster. We both want to make sure we make the right choice this time.

Pro: I'm working on naming my cupcake business. I've been getting lots of suggestions and the current front runner is Creative Confections, but I still can't settle on one. But I can say that Paigeycakes has been vetoed. Definitively.

Con: There are just so many possibilities that it's hard to pick. And I'm happiest when things are settled.

OK... I think that's it for today! Have a great Monday!


Lyneya said...

It sounds like you have a fun week ahead :)

Honey and I are fixing up the house we bought. We got it for a steal so it was worth the extra effort but I will admit that sometimes we get on each others nerves during the renovation process.

Paige said...

On our first house, we intended to do a lot of work but it never got done and we were always frustrated with each other for that very reason. This time I wanna do it better. So we'll see what happens! But at least my intentions are good! LOL