Monday, February 1, 2010

House hunting and Fail Day 2010

So today we'll have 2 posts in 1 since I have two very different things to discuss.

First off, I started the house hunt yesterday by viewing the very first house. It was a promising little place here on the East End. It was the perfect location (close enough to the things I want to be close to and almost far enough away from the things I'd prefer to distance myself from) and the exterior was perfect. It was an older brick home in a kinda funky sorta style. It has a very old south, New Orleansy feel to it. So that part was promising. However, once inside, it looked like the outside was all that was promising. It was roomy enough, but arranged a little strangely. There's an extra room on the first floor that doesn't make a whole lotta sense. The kitchen, which seemed huge compared to our current spot, was laid out strangely as well and featured an antiquated in-wall oven not even large enough for a pan of cupcakes (I think I hear a huge collective gasp). In addition to all that, the house features a groan inducing pink/red carpet that would make for a truly interesting look once all my red furniture (my couch and chair) and bed were moved in.

However, despite the flaws, it would be something we could work with. And that is what we're looking for. Something we can gradually turn into our real home. But we're gonna continue looking and see what else we can afford.

Now, as for the rest, let me welcome you to Fail Day 2010. I'm seriously hoping it will be the only Fail Day this year but who knows.

This morning started rough because, when the alarm went off, I really felt as if I had just gone to bed. I seriously thought I had somehow screwed up when setting the alarm but, alas, it was correct. I got the kids up and ready and realized that, even though Hunt's teacher had gotten his work assignments ready for him before he took Thurs and Fri off school cause he was sick, we had never done the work. It was a HUGE parent fail moment. I was mortified. Hunter was doubly mortified. So I shot off an apologetic email to his teacher explaining that it was truly our fault that it wasn't done.

Then I headed out to get the kids to school. We were about 5 minutes away from there when I realized that I had forgotten the medications for the kids. Luckily, Not-So-Ex had my back and was able to drop them off a little later, but it was out of his way and frustrating for us both.

I got back home to get myself ready, only to realize that I left my brand new coat at a meeting downtown last week. So I tried to make my old coat usable, but it's this old black coat that has become a total Jake hair magnet. I tried to get the hair off of it, but could never even get it looking half-way decent. Again, luckily, Not-So-Ex had given me this thin but warm jacket that he got from his company. It wasn't pretty or dressy, but it kept me comfy on the walk to work.

As I was walking in, I ran into a former co-worker who used to drive me insane. So, of course, he insisted on walking all the way together and chatting. I "uh-huh-ed" my way to the office and thanked my lucky stars that we no longer work in the same building.

Once I got in and settled at work, one of the secretaries came around and handed me my W-2. Now I started work on Dec 1st. However, I didn't get paid by my new job until (I thought) Jan 1st. But I actually got paid on Dec 31st. So that means that, since I filed our tax return yesterday, I will now have to file an amendment because I received ONE EFFING PAYCHECK from the new gig. *BIG SIGH*

OK... now that I got that all out I feel better. Let's hope Fail Day doesn't do too much damage from here on out!

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