Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sickie, sickie

So we all know this has has been a killer winter. The snow, the cold, and just the way it continues to drag on has about done everyone in. I love winter, and especially the snow, as much as anyone, but I am totally ready for spring.

The other side effect of this awful winter seems to be (at least for my family) a longer cold and flu season. Not-So-Ex has been sick. I've been trying to get rid of a very minor cold since last week. Hunter was out sick two days a couple weeks ago and then got sick again last night. This morning he seemed some better, but his complaints of a headache and dizziness worried me so we're home together.

It sucks cause, while I have the sick time, I hate to miss so much work. I love my job and my co-workers (and my boss especially) are just the best. I definitely wanna keep this gig. But Not-So-Ex is actually working two jobs (both for the same company) right now so he can't spare the time to stay home with Hunt. Plus, when he misses a day, he just doesn't get paid. And his pay is far too good to give up easily.

So I sent my sincere apologies to my boss this morning and holed up with Hunt. In a way, I'm glad because it gives me another day to get myself feeling better. Plus, since Not-So-Ex is working most days from around 7 am to 8 or 9 pm, we haven't had much food in the house. So I hit Krogers with a vengeance. In a bit, I'll start making some pepperoni rolls (some with turkey pepperoni... shhhhh... don't tell my guys) for us to have to snack on today and tomorrow. Plus we got everything to make a nice big dinner of fettucini alfredo, my specialty dish.

Also, ever since the kids got the huge caramel apples I bought them for Valentines, I've been wanting to make my own. So I got all the stuff and I'm planning on using this recipe as a starting point. Hopefully they turn out as good as the ones I bought!

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