Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Date Night #1

So last night was our first kid-less night and it was one of the best, stress-less, relaxing evenings I've had for a while. The plan was to go out after work, look at a house, go to dinner, and then hit a movie.

We went and looked at the house, which I had already seen but wanted Not-So-Ex's opinions. And, luckily, we both felt exactly the same about it. It has possibilities, but would require money and time before it would be what we would want it to be. Now this house is very cheap and, to be blunt, we would offer even less for it because of all the work and changes that are needed. We could use some of the money we had saved planning to buy a more expensive house and spend it to do some work before we even move in. And the payment would be low enough that we could stay in our current apartment while the work was being done. So the plan right now is to keep looking and, if we don't find anything as it gets closer to the cut-off for the big tax credit, then it may end up being our house.

After the house, we went out for a nice dinner and it was nice to just sit and relax and eat. We had planned a movie after dinner but I was enjoying everything so much that I just wanted to go home, get in my PJs, and watch Chuck. So that's what we did. A perfect evening.

Tonight Not-So-Ex is stuck working a bit later than normal so I'll probably get a jump on the cupcakes I need to make for my order and for the kids' Valentines parties. Love it!

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