Friday, January 29, 2010

A huge sigh of relief

I had a meeting today that confirmed that I am almost ready to start serious house hunting. I have more than enough for the down payment, plus I have enough extra to be able to pay off the few remaining old credit problems so that I have the best credit score possible when I apply.

The biggest limiting factor when looking for homes is that I want to stay within walking distance to work, since I don't have a car. And that is a REAL limitation. For instance, right now there are two homes that are within my price range and in walking distance. But both of those houses look like possibilities.

Here's what I'm hoping for. I'd like to spend the next couple weeks casually browsing, getting those old bills handled (and making sure it is reflected on my credit), and getting together the stuff I'll need to apply.

Then it'll be time to get serious.

But this good news, plus all the fun cupcaking coming up, have definitely brought me out of my funk. Not sure that it's permanent, but I'm going to enjoy it!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's a buyer's market right now, so you might find a house slightly higher than your range, make a lower offer and get it. Good luck!! I'm excited for you.

All Click said...

If you find any houses that are buy one get one free do let me know won't you?

Paige said...

Will do! LOL