Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things that make me happy (pt 2)

Since I was a little kid, I have loved television. Yes, I'm quite the movie buff, but tv will always hold an even more important spot in my heart. And, while the last few days may have been turbulent ones for tv in general, they've been incredibly good days for MY television.

First off, as everyone seems to be talking about, Leno is going back to late night. When Leno's move to prime time was announced, everyone viewed it as the death knell of scripted television. But all that it did for me was to make me realize that I don't really like late night shows and I definitely don't like late night shows pretending to be prime time shows. But for the love of all that is good, would Leno just man up and retire? They gave Conan your show and he's not going quietly (although he's maintaining his class). You gave it up to try this disastrous plan. It failed. Move on.

And Leno's vacating of prime time space bodes well for the next person I wanna discuss. And that is Chuck. If you haven't watched Chuck, do so immediately. Not-So-Ex and I got hooked on the show via tv on DVD and, coming into this season, I was a bit concerned about the direction the show would be taking. At the end of Season 2, Chuck had a huge change and I feared that the Charles Carmichael I knew and loved would be no longer. But nope. He still manages to both bumble and triumph in his black Chuck Taylors. And that makes me a happy girl. Plus, now that Leno's a goner, there's a much better chance for Chuck to be given the chance to continue to grow an audience. And that is a good thing for everyone.

On a slightly down note, Sunday also brought the return of Big Love, a show I fell but have gradually been becoming less enchanted with. From the start of the new season, I was sad. Where was my "God Only Knows"? In it's place was a total Mad Men rip off. The show itself was only slightly better. I find myself getting more and more irritated with Bill as he continues to ask for more and more. He manages to maintain three homes with three beautiful women and a zillion kids - I can barely handle my crappy apartment and one family - yet he continues to spread himself thinner in search of more money and more success. Of course I guess no one would watch a show about a content, happy man and his three wives. But whatever... I still hope some changes are coming.

I'm also enjoying Hung. I've only caught a few episodes but the opening credits definitely trump Big Love. The opening song's been a fave of mine since it was on the Rescue Me soundtrack many years ago (in fact it's Not-So-Ex's ring tone on my phone) and I'm glad to see the Black Keys get some massive media love. I'm anxious to catch some more episodes and see if I can ever get over my loathing of Anne Heche enough to not cringe when she shows up or if they'll actually do anything with the two most un-tv-show-type kids in the history of the box or if they only cast them to say "See! We're different!" I guess time will answer both questions.

And I almost hit publish without mentioning American Idol! Yep, Simon Cowell is leaving and I am officially placing AI in the grave next to Leno. Or maybe that's just wishful thing? Again, guess we'll see!


Doc said...

Idol will survive... Maybe Elton John should repalce Simon.

Paige said...

You know that might even get ME to watch. I'd love to see Elton go into a little drama queen fit on some of the folks.