Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How do you fix a bad day?

So yesterday was one of those days where everything goes wrong. And, around 10:30, I got sick of it and said forget it (or something along those lines) and called off the rest of the day at work and just took some time to calm down. Luckily, Not-So-Ex was able to take off work a little early and join me so we did a little errand running, picked our son up from school, and then had a nice, huge dinner before heading in for the evening.

And, even better, once we got home and settled, there were TWO episodes of Big Love back to back. So the crappy day turned into a pretty darn good one!

Today is another slow, snowy day here in my little corner of the world. My kids go to a private school that doesn't do two-hour delays and only cancels for snow if our local county cancels before 6 am. So the past two days they have had school while everyone else is off.

I made it into work this morning, even though I didn't want to, and was even lucky enough to have Not-So-Ex offer to drive me in so that I wouldn't kill myself by falling in my new, incredibly painful, black boots. So the plan today is to do my time at work, get home quickly so I can finish the S'mores Cupcakes I made for my cousin's birthday this evening, and then head to the grandparents' for cake and ice cream to celebrate. Can't beat a little family time!


rrh3 said...

glad I could help

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The private school my son attended (elementary) always followed the county plans, but this year, everything is different there. I thank my good luck that he is in a public middle school this year! :-) I do not like getting out in icy messes!