Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Musings

It's a pseudo Monday and my mind's all over the place so I'm just gonna hit a few bullet points to clear it out a bit.

1. So yesterday was supposedly the most depressing day of the year. If that's true, then I'm golden this year cause I spent the day hanging with the kiddies and wearing pjs all day. And, believe it or not, I didn't even do any baking! Just complete chill out time (well chill out and laundry... LOL).

2. The new semester starts tomorrow. I'm psyched, mainly cause any classes I take are optional and put me back in the middle (probably the outskirts of the middle) of the creative spirit at State. I'm excited to pick my script up again, even if it is just to start slashing it. There's just so much exciting work that will be coming at me between now and summer! While I love my new job, it will never fill that creative void. And I miss the chaos that comes with the creativity, but I'm trying to keep from seeking out chaos in any other realm.

3. Yes, I realize I said I loved cream pies in my last post. Yes, I am generally oblivious. Not-So-Ex found it so funny that he refused to let me change it. It was totally my "rusty trombone" moment.

4. House hunting is tough. Not-So-Ex and I have started looking for a house. We wanna stay here in the East End, but it's tough. The houses are either mansions or dumps, with our price range obviously falling more towards the latter. But we'll keep looking. We're not really ready, but more window shopping than anything.

5. I love On-Demand. We have HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime for the first time ever and I have logged MANY hours watching Weeds, Dexter, Big Love, Hung, True Blood, and all the movies I can find. Most of these I've watched for at least a year or two, but I always had to download them and go through this whole irritating process. Not anymore. Now they're just right there all the time! Killer!

6. Speaking of Weeds, last week was the Golden Globes and, for the first time since the show's premiere season, Weeds wasn't nominated for a single award. And, as someone who was a huge fan of Weeds, I gotta say the Globes finally caught on. Last year at this time, I was whining that Weeds only got nominations out of habit because it had seriously jumped the shark. After checking out this past season over the long weekend, they've left the shark way behind. And the saddest thing is that I don't think it can be fixed. The show was about the middle class chick suddenly finding herself navigating her own world plus the world of a dealer, for which she was seriously ill-equipped. Now it's just a matter of how offensive and dark the writers can be. Doesn't matter if it's sensible or not. But, if they wanted to get back on track, my first suggestion would be to bring back "Little Boxes."

Well now that I've done all my Weeds ranting, I guess I'll let it go! Have a great pseudo Monday!


Doc said...

LOL @ Rusty Trombone!

no way I am doing Monday over... i'll call this my psudo- hump day

All Click said...

Lol I wouldn't have even blinked twice at the cream pies comment. Someone you know has a sick mind lol.

As I said before, Dexter is awesome but I haven't got into any of those other dramas.

Paige said...

Yes, my dear Not-So-Ex has quite the sick mind. Thank God! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh I so wish I had on demand! The Middle East gives you a choice of three channels or satellite that mostly fails :0(

Paige said...

Eternally distracted... Being originally from rural WV, I know the feeling!

April said...

Love Love Love Dexter!!! He's the sole reason I have Showtime. All the others are just perks.