Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ever had one of those days?

So I really shoulda stayed in bed this morning. It's been one of those days when all these little, completely insignificant things go wrong. Like when you finally get to work cold and damp from stomping through the snow and snack on the chex mix the secretary made you. This of course makes you thirsty so you go get a Coke, only to realize it's completely hot. But you resolve to drink it anyway cause you're just that thirsty. So you sit down at your desk and open it, only to have it explode. *sigh*

Ok... whining done. Later.


Doc said...

...and boom goes the Coke!

I hope your day gets better Paige

Paige said...

Well considering I got settled at work only to get a call from the cable company saying there was someone on the way to my house to install the new cable box, which meant I had to get all suited up again and walk back home, it's not looking like improvement is coming any time soon.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ugh! I hate days like that! Hope it improves.

Lyneya said...

Sending happy thoughts your way. Might I recomend getting take out for dinner. It sounds like trying to cook today could be hazardous for your health :)