Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A seriously bright spot

I haven't written much lately cause I'm not in a real good place right now. As a result, my sense of humor has definitely faltered and I've even found it difficult to get excited about baking.

But, when I saw this, even my funk lightened a bit.

Cupcakes take the Cake is a blog that is, as they say, all cupcakes all the time. They post info about bakeries and home recipes and even tattoos (and one of these days I'll have one to add). And this evening, they blogged about a mouth-watering looking apple cupcake... inspired by one of MY recipes! Someone else saw my recipe and liked it enough to make their own changes and make it even better!

I look forward to trying her recipe, although I'll put the caramel somewhere else since I'm not much of a drizzler.

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Doc said...

I hope your funk goes away... I like the lighthearted Paige.