Friday, April 2, 2010


So I didn't work yesterday because all the grass cutting going on around my place caused some hard-core sniffling, sneezing and sore throat. I knew that today, since it's Good Friday, I would be the only sad soul from my group in the office so I definitely needed to show up. Luckily I was feeling mostly better this morning so that shouldn't have been such a task.

Shouldn't have been anyway.

I was finishing getting dressed (brushing my hair to be specific) when I felt something weird happen with my back and then a sudden pain. And the pain hasn't stopped.

I did make it to work, although I look about as good as I feel. And, since my back was in such pain, I'm wearing flip-flops, the only shoes I could slip on without having to bend down.

Oh and once I got to work, I heard one of the secretaries asking some other people if they had ever had chicken pox since she had her daughter with her for a little while until she could get her to the doc to verify that she did indeed have chicken pox. Never had them. I've been vaccinated, so I should be ok, but I hightailed it to my office at the other end of the hall anyway.

Anyway, I just loaded up on tylenol so here's hoping today holds less pain and more good stuff as the day goes on.

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