Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where's that swimsuit again...

So the fam and I have been pouring over vacation spots trying to decide where to take off to once I finish shooting my thesis in July, which will probably push us all over the edge. We've deliberated over whether we wanna be beach bound or hit the mountains. We've rehashed every possibility over and over (we are a rather indecisive bunch).

Today I was looking at the calendar and realized that, since my daughter finishes school a few days early cause she's a big sixth grader and all, we could get away for a four day weekend the end of May! And, just like that, any clouds on the horizon (and even the upcoming storm called thesis) dissipated.

So, next month, we'll get through Rena's big graduation ceremony and then get up at the crack of dawn the next day and head to a condo on the beach. There we will sun and lounge and chill like nobody's business for four days.

We're still pouring over a location for a week-long vacay in August (with the dogs), but I'm glad to have this little get away to look forward to. God knows pasty Paige could use a wee bit of sun.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

We're staying in a super sweet condo in North Myrtle in August for a week. We've stayed in this unit before...it is *right* on the beach and we can't wait. Enjoy your vacay!

Paige said...

I'm so excited! I haven't been anywhere near Myrtle for a long time but I'm hoping the condo will be kinda quiet but close enough for us to be able to do stuff too. We need some fun time.