Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is that a nine? (and other funny crap from yesterday)

So my big plan for after work yesterday was to go get a new pair of glasses. I have God awful eyesight but wear contacts. My eyesight is so bad that one doctor told me I really needed to just stick with contacts all the time or else I might hurt myself in the shower (cause you can't really shower in glasses) or getting out of bed in the morning. So the other night I was having contact issues and couldn't find my back-up glasses anywhere.

So I called my eye doctor (which is a story in itself since they were jerks), got my prescription, headed to the eyeglass place at the mall, found a pair I liked, and sat down with the lady to get them all worked out. I handed her my prescription, she looked at it, looked at me, looked back at the prescription and said incredulously, "Is that a NINE?" I told her I had no idea but had terrible eyesight. Her response (with a smile) was "clearly." She then proceeded to tell me that I'd have to get the polybicarbonate (or whatever) lenses because glass at that prescription would just be "way too heavy."

But anyway, I'll get my glasses in a week or so and we'll see how they are. It should be great timing cause I'm gonna get my hair did tomorrow so everyone around me is being warned to expect big changes. The color's gonna change big time for one. I've been rockin the blonde for a bit now and, due to the begging of the hubs and son, I'm gonna get back to red. I'd been avoiding it cause the red hair has some negative associations for me, but it's time to put the past where it belongs and get on with life as I wanna live it. It's also going shorter baby!

Yesterday was a pretty killer day creatively too. I got my producer the list of locations I need to secure to shoot my thesis and she's to work on them already. I also have been involved in the planning stages of a film festival and had been asked to come up with some naming options. They were looking for something fresh and new and, apparently, my idea was the winner. I'm not gonna give too much away cause I don't know what's public and what's not, but I was psyched.

Also, the White movie is moving full steam ahead. A movie poster was just released the other day. It available to save on Netflix (although it doesn't give a release date). The director has narrowed it down to saying it will be released on DVD in July. Regardless of the movie itself, which is a bit painful for me, I'm glad to see my friends get some publicity and hype! I'm supposed to hit a film fest with them this summer and I'm excited to get to experience the hype and chaos first-hand.

But anyway, I'm functioning a bit better today that yesterday so let's hope as much good stuff happens!


Elle said...

Ok, I had to laugh because you know that's what I do, right? (Make glasses -- or rather, I'm a district manager for a company that makes glasses. But, uh, NOT the one you went to ;) Anyway...if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase let me know and I will totally hook you up. (Not that I expect you to, but you know. FYI.) Oh, and btw - I'm only a "FOUR", and I can hardly find my way out of bed in the morning, so I can sympathize! I wear my contacts around the flippin' clock!

Paige said...

One of these days I'll have to take you up on that.

I'm actually thing of letting my eyes rest for a bit and wearing my glasses. So they better be effing cute!