Saturday, April 24, 2010

The oh so elusive weekend post

So I'm on my own for the weekend since Not-So-Ex went camping with his dad and brother and my kids are on a boat to the Bahamas (poor heatherns). I haven't been on my own for quite some time and I was afraid I was out of practice and would be really lonely but so far so good.

I took my kids and parents to the airport this morning and decided that, since they flew out of an airport that's a bit further away then I normally go, it would be a great chance to do a little shopping on the way back home. But, instead of doing a little shopping, I did a LOT.

I really hate to shop (unless it's online) so I will put it off until I really need a bunch of stuff. So, today, the more places I went, the more things I realized I needed and wanted to knock out so I wouldn't have to go shopping again. And I shouldn't have to go again for a good long time.

I also got the call that my glasses were ready and picked them up. I still can't decide what I think of them. Sometimes they look a bit cool and funky and then other times I look like a librarian. I'm gonna wear them a bit and rest my eyes, but I don't think it's a permanent change.

And my hair's really red again. The pic doesn't quite capture the depth of red but, while I didn't think I liked it yesterday, I'm adjusting to it now. We'll see if the color sticks. LOL

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