Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring on the outside, winter on the inside...

So it's a beautiful, sunshiney Spring day here in Charleston. Or at least it looks it from my office window. Inside my office, however, it is COLD. I might have to grab a sweater and some real shoes when I go home for lunch. We can't have Snoopy and Woodstock (on my feet) falling off from the cold!

But anyway, today is Earth Day, so I'm gonna be a bit earthy. One of the things that Not-So-Ex and I have started recently is trying to eat better and eat fresher. In the past, we've lived very rushed, frazzled lives so we got used to living on crap basically. So we're trying to actually pay attention to the stuff we put in our bodies. Shocking isn't it. LOL

As part of the whole eat fresh part, we've started our little urban garden. We did this last year too, but it was more of an experiment than anything back then. This year, we've done our research and have a pretty good idea of what we can and can't grown. Now that doesn't mean everything in our little garden is practical. I insist on planting melons every year knowing full well they probably won't actually yield any fruit. But I keep trying.

So far, we have one planter of watermelon, one of honeydew, 6 pepper plants, 6 tomatoes (4 of which are in nifty little upside down planters), and a surviving strawberry plant from last year. Soon, we'll get some plants I ordered which include some more strawberries, some other berries, squash and zucchini (if memory serves). Not-So-Ex also has an herb garden, most of which survived the winter.

As we go along, I'll pass along any good recipes (even though they'll be Not-So-Ex's recipes, not mine, since he's the cook) and lots of pics. Growing season is definitely my favorite time of year!


jakers said...

It's Jared from, just thought I'd stop in to see how you're doing.

A garden! How exciting.. keep planting seeds (even melons) and they will yield plenty! That's funny because I have a little herb garden too and my wife enjoys her flowers.

Paige said...

I don't do too many flowers, but I do have my roses that I LOVE! There are a ton of buds and I can't wait till they bloom. They're gonna be gorgeous.