Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm sitting in my office, all nice and clean, with a bottle of pink lemonade and all is right with the world.

I learned a lot this weekend. Mainly that I've gotten so used to having Not-So-Ex to take care of me that I kinda suck at doing it on my own. I spent the weekend (well aside from the shopping on Saturday) holed up in my apartment watching tv and movies and eating nothing but subs and yogurt. I have never been so thrilled to have to come to work as I was this morning.

But all will be well later this evening when Not-So-Ex gets home. We're gonna hit the grocery store HARD, then probably settle in for some more tv and movies. LOL May not sound like much, but it's perfection as far as I'm concerned. And hopefully he'll even make me some popcorn (his popcorn is the bestest).

I also have to say (on a completely different note), I've been really amazed by the response to the White movie. For the first time, people are responding to a film I was integral in. Even though I have the overwhelming desire, every time a friend says they're gonna watch it, to ask to watch it with them so I can tell them all the backstory and such. So far I've let them watch it on their own though. And the response has been pretty good. At least so far.

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