Friday, April 30, 2010

What a week!

It's Friday morning and I'm sitting at my desk thinking of all the awesomeness that has come my way this week. And even some awesomeness that's on the horizon.

The week started off great with Not-So-Ex coming back from his camping trip with fresh fish (even though I didn't eat much of it), got even better when I found out I won Cupcake Hero: Caramel (I always thought I didn't have a shot but my family and friends REALLY showed me I was wrong), and today is a beautiful, sunshiney day that perfectly matches my pink and orange flowery sun dress.

As for the horizon, Monday is Not-So-Ex's birthday, which is one of my favorite days. Why is that? Because Not-So-Ex is a little less than a year younger than me and loves to tease me about it. So from Monday until September, we are the same age! Plus, a birthday gives me an excuse to make special cupcakes. However, since we've been trying to eat healthier, I wanna experiment with making killer cupcakes that won't actually kill you. So we'll see how that goes! LOL

If that wasn't enough, for his b-day I got him a couple's massage, which he's wanted us to do for ages. I've never had a massage, but I think I need one right now. Age is starting to take a toll and my back's been giving me more trouble than normal. And he ALWAYS is in need of a massage. He does hard, physical work and deserves to be babied. I'm excited for both of us.

AND we have vacation coming up towards the end of May. Of course this means more for Not-So-Ex and I than for the heatherns, since they just got off a cruise to the Bahamas and are in Disney World as we speak. But we'll all enjoy a short break before the chaos of summer and thesis filming gets in full swing.

Anyway, have a great weekend folks!

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Andrew's Mom said...

Comments - we can leave comments now! Hooray. Enjoy that massage - I've never had one - and one of these days...I will. Congratulations on Cupcake Hero.