Thursday, August 12, 2010

What do I do while waiting for the frosting to break and come back together again? Blog.

So I've had one of the longest and unluckiest cupcaking days/evenings/mornings ever. I have a big meeting and wanted 6 new flavors available for sampling, but it's been like pulling teeth to actually get them finished at the level I would like them.

It started with my chocolate based cupcakes. I wanted Mocha and Peanut Butter Cup, both using variations on the same base cupcake recipe. I'd had trouble with my normal recipe, tried a new one, liked it, and decided to use it for these. Well it totally failed me. Both the Mocha and PBC rose and looked gorgeous coming out of the oven. Then they cooled and fell like a brick.

Then I decided to do them over using my old recipe and realized I was out of cocoa. First I was soooooo thankful Not-So-Ex had left me the car. Then I realized that, since I had used his car keys the last time I drove, I had locked my purse (which held my car keys) up in the car. So there would be no more chocolate cupcakes till he was home.

While I waited, I experimented with a Peach Cobbler Cupcake, which turned out delicious but ugly. But, you know what, I didn't care. I put a tiny bit of frosting on the least ugly two and put them in the box anyway. We'll just consider them a rough prototype.

But it didn't really get ugly till tonight/this morning. I'm making my Coffee Italian Meringue Buttercream, which used to give me hassle but I had gotten the hang of it. Or so I thought. I made two batches where the egg whites would NOT whip up for me. No matter how much I beat them, they would not behave (sounds like my kids... OW! I'll be here all week!).

Luckily the third attempt worked. However, it's taking a lot longer to break and come back together than normal. I think it's cause my kitchen is hotter than the inner circle of hell right now. But I'm patiently waiting. Or as close to patiently as I can get.

So here's hoping I get my act together, and make it pretty, before tomorrow morning. Cause it's kinda important and stuff.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

A friend of mine made our 3 level wedding cake. The largest cake broke into a million pieces and she stayed up 'til 2 am re-doing it the night before the wedding! Baking is fickle!

Paige said...

My aunt used to do cakes (and did our first wedding cake) and she had some serious horror stories! This is the first time I've had this level of bad baking luck. Knock on wood.