Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I can barely believe it!!!!!

Starting 8/13, you can catch The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia at Park Place Cinema here in Charleston, WV. I don't know times or anything, but it will be playing for about a week.

Words are kinda failing me at this point. When it debuted at Tribeca, I was stunned but it was so far away that it wasn't real. When I saw it with an audience in Kentucky, it was awesome, but they were industry and film folks, so it didn't seem quite real. When it was showing in Morgantown, I began to feel it. When it started showing in Huntington, it became a bit more real. Now that it's showing at the theater I used to walk to after hanging at the mall as a teen, it's real.

I was a producer on a real film. I was part of something special. I have a real, good, solid film credit to my name. And, while I may have cut some portions cause I'm a weenie, I'm very proud of what ended up on film. And I'm proud to have it show in my home town.

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