Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Morning Randomness

So, first off, I just have to say Dear Not-So-Ex, aren't you glad we have iPhones? LOL

Anyway, to be slightly more serious, today will hold some serious baking for yours truly. I have a meeting tomorrow to establish my flavors at Frutcake so I'm taking another sample box to the owner. So today I will be making about 6 dozen cupcakes. And I'm looking forward to it!

Plus, this weekend is the opening of The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia at Park Place! Can't wait for Not-So-Ex to finally see the film.

I guess I should get to baking! Later!


April said...

I saw that article yesterday. I'm going to forward it to a guy I know that likes to brag - and has a Droid!!! HA HA

Paige said...

Then he must not be getting ANY! LOL