Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Yawn

So I realized yesterday that every morning I sit here and try to make a game plan for the day... try to map out exactly what I wanna get done... and then completely change my mind. And yesterday is a great example. I started out with a list of things and then I did some housework, washed some dishes, and then it got all stormy so I spent the rest of the day cooking a big meal.

Today is supposed to be a baking day. I have two flavors I wanna play with and see what kind of cupcakes I can get. But first I have to conquer the kitchen, which is pretty daunting right now since there's a mess from yesterday's big meal. But I'm sure I'll get to it eventually (eventually is the key word there). But, even if I don't bake today, there will be a pretty good amount of baking the beginning of next week so I'll get my fix.

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