Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So yesterday was quite a day. In one day I found out my movie will be opening in town (which was greeted with incredible support on facebook) and that Not-So-Ex would be going back to work.

While I mentioned my response to the first part yesterday, my response to the work situation even surprised me. When he got the call, he told me and the only thing I could think was NOOOOOOOOOOO. I seriously didn't want him to go back yet, despite my panic. I was really enjoying us all being here. I blamed it on the house situation (we've pulled up carpet in the dining room, refinished the floors and repainted and we just started on the stairs so we still have the living room to do), but really I just liked him being here.

But, of course, it could never be a permanent thing and we all knew that. But I am really glad that we enjoyed the time we had. I'm glad that there were just moments of panic rather than total panic mode.

But here I am talking like it's a done deal. But it's not. The job he got called out for is short term. They think another big job will be starting soon after, but there are no definites. So maybe we'll get some more time later.

What I do know is how incredibly blessed I am to be exactly where I am at this exact moment. Right now, my kids still like me and want me near. With a daughter that is 13, we may not be in the same position next year. And I can be here 100%. I also have a husband who loves me, first of all, tolerates me, second of all (hey...I know I can be tough), and loves our family too. He gives his 100% every day.

Sorry. Just realized I'm all gushy and crap. If it helps, my dogs totally need to step up their game! They're not giving their 100%. ( maybe I'm just really just looking at you Lucy the Asthmatic Demon Dog who really likes pretzel M&Ms and decided last night was the best time to indulge) I guess every family has their weak links though. LOL

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