Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love TV

So I'm home today. I have some baking, but it shouldn't be anything serious. Just a few dozen for my work mom.

But the most important thing so far has been the fact that there's a Psych marathon on USA this morning. So my daughter and I are taking up residence on the couch. I love watching with her cause she gets so into it. If I'm out of the room, she's going "Mom! Mom! Did you hear what Shawn just said?" Man I love my teenage geek girl.
Also, last night was Rescue Me. I believe I've mentioned both my previous love for the show and my current irritation and general dissatisfaction with the show. Last night was another new low. Tommy decided to reconcile with his wife. Again. So he had to go tell Sheila he was done with her. Again. Sheila and Tommy have been off for a bit and she's seeing someone new (his cousin but, this is Rescue Me where everyone must always be screwing a Gavin). After an argument where she tells him he's been nothing but a disappointment to her, he ends up between her legs. Again. And Sheila admitted to lying about him being a disappointment just cause she knew where it would lead. Uh oh... I think I might vomit. How anyone could NOT be disappointed in Tommy is a mystery to me. But of course Sheila was just luring him in cause every woman is just desperately trying to bed Tommy Gavin. No matter how much of a douche he is. Whatever.

Of course, on the flip side, there's also a wonderful scene where Franco gives probie Damien advice on getting chicks. And Black Sean refers to Franco as the Yoda of... um... kitty cats. Yeah. Plus dumb Sean and equally dumb Mike take a dying firefighter to visit the people he's saved only to find that he'd saved a bunch of useless, horrible, ungrateful people. But such is life.

Ok... I'm missing my Psych marathon. Later!

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All Click said...

I love me some Psych! Great show that makes me laugh every time.