Friday, August 20, 2010

Devil's in the details...

So I worked a normal day at the bakery yesterday. It started at 4 am since I will have to be at work by 5. Yep, I said AM. I'll admit the first day wasn't bad, but that's probably cause I was excited.

The day was a lot of fun though. They taught me so much about recipes and the kitchen itself too. I'm actually sitting here now picking out a new wardrobe of stretchy and cottony clothing so that I won't completely die in the hot kitchen. And I had to buy some boring, ugly kitchen shoes.

Of course with all this excitement there has to be a but. And it comes when trying to get the kids' school schedule together. Not-So-Ex is starting a big new job at a plant, which means early hours and probably some overtime. This is all good for the wallet, but not necessarily the schedule. And it also means that he won't have a work truck since he's in town and not running from one place to another. So we've gotta figure out how to get the kids to school once they go back on Monday.

But we have a lot of support from our family and friends so I'm sure we can work it out. But it will be tricky. Hopefully it'll work out for the best though!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Look into Naot shoes. They're like wearing slippers, but stylish ones. Many restaurant employees swear by them (having to be on your feet all day). They're not cheap, but I have 2 pair of sandals and I love them!

Paige said...

Ooh! I will. I got a pair of Sketchers on sale so they'll last me for a while and I can look around for what I like.