Thursday, August 12, 2010

The anatomy of a truly excellent day

I was not expecting a good day today. After all the cupcake malfunctions, I figured I would be rushed, chaotic, and on edge today. And it started out that way.

However, once I got in the kitchen and cleared up my game plan, I found I wasn't in bad shape (although somewhat sleep deprived). I knocked out the frostings I needed to finish and even made another cupcake to replace one that I wasn't crazy about.

I got my kiddos up, fixed them breakfast, and got dressed in plenty of time for my meeting and rolled in right on time. Couldn't have planned it any better if I tried.

Once I sat down for the meeting, it went far better than I was expecting. She really liked some of my flavors (Mint Lemonade and Creamy Coffee were big hits). I will start at the bakery next week, although I get some time for training and learning my way around their kitchen.

The most interesting (and exciting) part of the meeting for me was finding out that not only would I be responsible for the cupcakes, but I will be learning their other recipes. So not only will I be paid to make my cupcakes, I'll be paid to learn from a pastry chef. Normally I'd pay for stuff like that!

AND (as if that wasn't enough) I'll start my employment attending a session about making cheesecakes, which are one of the first recipes I really cared enough to learn. I was like HELL YEAH!

To switch from all the Frutcake happiness, one of the local papers also published a particularly intelligent letter to the editor from the director of the White movie. This same paper had posted an article a few days ago where the writer trashed the film having never seen it (and, strangely enough, saying that his friend and film expert said it was a masterpiece) and Julien felt the need (and rightly so) to respond. His response was incredible and put into words so many things that I could never have actually said. I was very proud.

Anyway, as I've mentioned on Facebook, I will be going to see The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia at Park Place this Saturday so, if anyone would like to join Not-So-Ex and I, please do!

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