Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today could possibly be one of the best days of my life (thus far). And I totally didn't see it coming.

I took this morning off from work cause I had a million errands, the house inspection, and then my daughter's birthday lunch at her school.

I got up, ran all the errands and got to the new house at just the right time. The inspector got there and was immediately impressed by the house. We went on in and I got to meet one of the owners, which was incredible luck. He sat and talked while the inspector worked and gave me the full history of the house (which is almost 100 yrs old and in pristine shape), the neighborhood, and the family that originally owned the house (and owned it for about 3/4 of the life of the house). He talked about the neighbors and how great they are. He talked about the best places to take our dog to play. He talked about the work they had done on the house. I was in awe of all of it.

As the inspector would work his way in and out of our area, he would remark over and over about what great condition the house was in. He pointed out several positive things that neither Not-So-Ex or I had noticed.

I hated to leave the inspection, but had to so I could get to my daughter's school for her birthday lunch. I got there, sat down and ate with her, and was just blown away by the changes even since last year. Not only was she just kind in general, but when I mentioned I hadn't had time to get lunch, she shared hers'. And then came a moment I may never forget. All the kids in the lunchroom sang happy birthday to all the kids with birthdays, but then, a few minutes later, a group of girls from her class got the teacher's attention and asked to sing just to my daughter. And in that one moment I realized that my daughter had friends. She was accepted. And I really had to struggle not to tear up. Maybe it's the treatment that's helping. Maybe she's maturing and learning to read some of the social cues that have always mystified her in the past. Whatever has helped, I was so overcome with thankfulness, both for the changes in my own daughter, but also for the chance to see the kindness of those other girls.

So now I sit at my desk at work and I can't help but realize that it's been a really long time since I've felt so blessed in so many different aspects of my life. And, this time, I'm going to appreciate ever single second!

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