Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well I've never done that before...

A truly terrible iPhone pic of my grandparents' car in front of the Capitol

So today was the day that my papaw went to meet with Governor Manchin. Since I work on the Capitol grounds, I was the obvious choice to help get the plan all worked out. I started making phone calls last week since we needed a loaner wheelchair and because I didn't know the best route to take for wheelchair accessibility.

When I called about the wheelchair, they said it wasn't something they normally did, but that they would make exceptions for a man who just received the Legion of Honor for protecting our country.

When I asked about where to enter and meet them for the wheelchair, he gave me directions but they didn't quite make sense. Now I'm pretty geographically challenged. It's a miracle I don't get lost every morning on my way to work. As he was giving the directions, I tried to write down every word and then asked my co-worker if they made sense to her. They didn't. So, being anxious and confused, I called again.

On the second phone call, it became clear what he wanted me to do. I had to actually drive onto the Capitol campus and take Papaw directly to the steps of the Capitol building. And the person I spoke with made it clear that I was to drive the car, not my grandma.

This whole thing made me so nervous! Yesterday I went to my boss and Not-So-Ex asking the best way to get him there. This morning, I walked over to meet them early so I could look at it all first-hand and make sure I knew what I was doing.

In the end, it was a breeze. I rolled right up on the grounds and across to the Capitol without any hassle. They met me with the wheelchair and we got him right in. I also got to meet the Gov and we all got pictures.

While it was cool and all, it was really just nice to be there with Mamaw and Papaw and actually do something for them. They've done so much for me, not to mention my kids, and I really wanted to be able to pay back at least a tiny piece of that.

Anyway, it made for a pretty good morning.

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