Monday, March 15, 2010

Blah, blah, blah...

So today is a dark, rainy, hazy sorta Monday morning. I had a roller coaster weekend thanks, in part, to my daughter having a huge report due this morning, which stressed me out to the nth degree. But, thank goodness, we were able to get her report done, her salt map painted, labelled, and keyed, her stamp cut out, and enough flan made for 5th and 6th grade to taste (with a bit left over). In the end, I was so happy to just kinda collapse on the couch. She should be doing her presentation even as I'm typing.

Outside of that, my weekend was mostly calm.

Friday night I went to a premiere of three short (and some trailers) from other students at WVSU, which is where I'm working on my masters. I hadn't planned on going, but got a last minute invite from a friend and I'm so glad I did. In our area, it's rare that people turn out for events like this. But, this time, we had a mostly full house. It was really incredible to see. It's good to know that the film community in a small area like ours is growing fast. And it's even better to know that I'm a part of it. It made me even more excited to get my thesis done and work on as many other films as I can until that fateful day when they force me to graduate and return full time to the grown up world.

Saturday morning I had planned a bit of shopping with my mom. She has decided to get the kids new bedroom suites for their rooms and she wanted me to see what she was considering for my daughter especially. What I thought would be 3-4 stops over a couple hours turned into 7 stops over like 6 hours. I had forgotten how good Mom is at shopping! I came home with sore feet and one beautiful picture for my kitchen-to-be!
Papaw with his new medal

Anyway, last week I mentioned that my papaw was going to DC to get a medal from the French Embassy (making him part of the Legion D'Honneur or Legion of Honor, which includes the likes of Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, and Laurence Olivier to name a few). They had a wonderful trip and, according to Mom, the French Ambassador made every single man feel as if they were singlehandedly responsible for saving France, and eventually the rest of the world, from Hitler. I just had to post a couple pics since I'm so overwhelmingly proud of him. As Mom said, everyone should get the chance to be celebrated in their last days.
Mamaw and Papaw in DC

He's being honored here in Charleston this week too, so I'm very excited to be able to be a part of it all this time. I've just gotta figure out how to get them where they need to be, which is trickier than it sounds! But I'm sure it will all turn out just fine.

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