Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello shark... I think it's time to jump you...

I love my tv, as I believe I've mentioned before, but a couple nights ago a show I dearly love jumped the shark completely.

Now some may argue that Big Love actually jumped the shark over a week ago when a grandmother cut off a gangster's arm with one swing of a machete. But I have to argue that, while insane, that moment may actually come in second to this moment of utter stupidity.

For the sake of argument, the machete-wielding, polygamous grandmother at least was necessary for the plot. However, nothing has ever, EVER rested on the results of a serious game of tetherball. EVER. Secondly, are we to believe that the hotter, younger thief of half of Bill's female entourage would 1. Get that sweaty playing effing tetherball in the backyard and 2. Loose to a man about 10 yrs older and still wearing a tie. Oh wait... and 3. Why would two grown men be playing tetherball by themselves anyway?

Anyway, I watched the first three seasons of Big Love on DVD and, once I started I couldn't stop. Now I DVR them and don't get to them until I watch Chuck at least once, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory. Before long I'll be forgetting I even DVRed them.


Much like I always say about Weeds, it all went bad once they changed the opening. So, just cause I miss the old one, here you go...

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