Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How Dell made sure I will always be a Mac

I prefer macs. I had an iBook that I used myself (I say had because the poor ancient laptop gave up the ghost over the weekend), an old iMac for the kids, and Not-So-Ex and I both have iPhones. However, before we got back together, Not-So-Ex purchased a nice & shiny new Dell.

I will point out here that right around the same time he bought his Dell, I purchased my iBook, a 3-4 yr old model that I got on ebay. I've never had a single issue with my mac. I added a wireless card and additional memory without issue.

When the hubby moved in like 8-9 months ago, he took to my mac pretty quickly. It came up much faster than his Dell and he didn't have to worry about all the security and virus stuff.

Then, a couple months ago, the Dell got a virus. He had kept absolutely everything from when he bought the computer, and we're both pretty computer literate folks, so I thought it would be easy enough to fix. Nope.

We tried everything and then decided to just reinstall Windows and start fresh. The reinstall went fine until we realized that there was no disc with the drivers for the modem and the speakers. I went online at work to download the drivers figuring that would fix it, but there were 6 different drivers and only one had a name I recognized from his computer. So I downloaded that one. It didn't fix it.

I figured we were being silly and just needed to call Dell and ask what exactly needed downloaded or if they could just send us the disc we needed. But, after being on hold for 40 minutes and being transfered to three different departments, I was told that I could download drivers online but they couldn't so much as tell me what drivers were needed without a charge. So I asked if they could just send us the disc and was told there was a charge for that too.

So, Dude, if you're getting a Dell, you're getting one expensive paperweight. As for me, I'll stay a Mac.

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