Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here are the facts...

Well it turns out that while I had been marveling at how much easier the house buying process was this time around, I just hadn't gotten far enough for it to get really messy. I hit that point yesterday afternoon. I had been operating under the assumption that the bank lady had been honest with me and that, when she said that everything looked good, it was basically a done deal.

To be blunt, the house may not happen. I should know today.

If she says no, we will go somewhere else and see what happens. I find it all very confusing, but that's not really surprising. I don't have a mind for this kind of thing.

Yesterday, I was devastated. In my mind, we were just about to move in so to be knocked back so hard and so fast was rough. It took some time before I could step back and see the full picture. Worse case scenario, we're stuck in our ghetto apartment for a few more years with a pretty considerable amount of disposable income. While we would of course be squirreling away money for future house buying, we could also be doing some wonderful traveling. And we'd all love that.

Anyway, everything is quite a bit hazier than it was a day ago. I can see the good and bad in both sides of things so we'll see what happens. I'm sure the result will be good for us one way or another.

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