Friday, March 26, 2010

Sweet, sweet Friday...

So I am truly worn down today. In part, that's normal for a Friday but this week it's kicked up a notch due to all the craziness. So here is what I am looking forward to this weekend:

1. Not worrying about the house.
I'm in the process of providing more and more paperwork for the mortgage guy in hopes of being able to save the house deal. While I'm glad there's a chance, it is exhausting. Every time you think "Yay! Got that last elusive piece of paper," you get a call or email saying "I also need x, y, & z." Since it will be the weekend, there won't be a single thing I can get. So that pressure will be off.

2. Bringing Lucy home.
Not-So-Ex just called to check on Lucy and the vet said we can pick her up today! I'm so thrilled! We may have to keep her separated from the Jakester, but we'll figure that out somehow. Also, Jake is showing no symptoms at all so it is looking good for him too.

3. Catching up on sleep.
Our entire household has been sleep deprived this week, primarily due to bad dreams or worrying. This weekend we can all catch up.

Ok... that's all my sleepy noggin can produce right now! Happy weekend folks!

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