Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random raves and rants...

It's Thursday! I'm having a bit of an irritating morning, but, all in all, the mood's still pretty good. So here are all the pluses and deltas (I still find it hilarious that people have so much trouble dealing with the word negative) of life at this very moment.

1. My new email was set up incorrectly so it's all screwy and my Communicator doesn't even work yet. I've had the tech guy and my boss standing over me all morning. At one point, the tech seemed to fix things only to have them fall apart again 5 minutes after he left! My boss is all irritated cause it's not working but, what he doesn't realize, is that they are already so far above the inefficiency of my previous gig that I'm kinda chill about it. They'll get it right eventually. And probably way sooner than the three weeks it took Workforce to get me going back when I first started there.

2. I'm not sleeping well. I had been feeling stress about the new gig starting at the same time I'm finishing my semester at school. Most of the stress has passed now but that on edge feeling hasn't yet. I know it will soon but, until then, I'm just really worn out. In all reality, all my stress should melt away in the next few days as my life is finally finding a nice, calm center. But, for right now, I'd just really love a good night's sleep.

3. The dogger. I love my Jakester, but he's on my last nerve right now. I think it's related to Delta 2, but the sound of him chomping on plastic hangers or the handle of my lint roller (which he destroyed night before last), kills me!

Ok... now for the pluses...
1. My script is done! Yes, you heard me right, the script that I have pondered and postponed and whined about is finally complete. Now there will still be quite a bit of fine tuning to occur. Plus some probable changes as we close in on shooting time. But it is on paper and I am pretty happy with it. And it is fraking funny!

2. Cupcaking time is coming! Now that the stress of the script is lifted, I get to do some serious cupcaking for a baby shower at the new gig tomorrow. I'm excited to do some baking and hoping it all goes smoothly. Plus I've been promising my partner in crime that I would ship some cupcakes so that I could experiment with how to ship my cupcakes without destroying them. And now I can make good on my promise!

3. My new office is just so awesome! I love it! I've spent a good part of the week cleaning and getting all my family and fun stuff on the wall. I'm hanging some lovely black and white photos that used to hang in my old apartment and I just love them. And, of course, there's already a cupcake on the wall! And I have my own candy dish too.

4. Not-So-Ex is always nearby! Right now, Not-So-Ex and I are working in the same building so, whenever I've needed help hanging stuff or needed tools or anything, he's close enough to help. Of course, while this is a plus for me, I think it would be on his delta list! But he'll survive.

OK... I think that'll do it for now. Once I get the office just right, expect some shots of the new digs! Hope everyone has an awesome day!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sounds like the pros outweigh the cons by miles and miles! :-)

Paige said...

Oh most definitely! These days, it seems to always work like that!