Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The awesomest of the awesome

So an ever so brilliant friend of mine, Jacque Jo, posted a link on Facebook Saturday morning to an article that was so stereotypical of West Virginia that even I was offended (and, my friends, it takes some real work to offend me). Since my blog is rarely devoted to such subjects, I forwarded the link to an equally brilliant bloggy friend, Buzzardbilly, to let her eat the writer up with what I knew would be an intelligent and justifiably indignant response.

Time passed and more and more people heard about and read the article in question, which received such a negative response that it has since been pulled from the "news" site.

While Jacque had posted it on facebook, she didn't blog about it until today. And the actual author of the article left a comment. So check out a very interesting blog post!


Jacque Jo said...

Holy crap! Thank you!! :) I'm amazed that he responded. It's also amazing the inspiration that comes to you at 11:30 at night while you're dodging tasks like "packing suitcases" and "wrapping small presents."

Paige said...

Wrapping small presents is the worst! Not-So-Ex decided one year that we would no longer buy any gifts that were not rectangular shaped. LOL

Evil Twin's Wife said...

She said it all perfectly. I applaud her great work!

Doc said...

Awwwwww. My work blocks that website... :(

Jacque Jo said...

Thank you Evil Twin's Wife!

Doc, I'm sorry! The reason, I figure, is about three months ago, I got hacked bad and got Google blacklisted. It takes a while for some workplaces to update those lists. You can't even imagine what I had to go through with Google to get myself unmarked as dangerous. Pain. In. The. Ass.

Doc said...

Ok... Now that I have gotten a chance to read the post due to the miracle that is the internet I have a few comments myself.

1. Jacque Jo, You will have a new reader (me) even if I think I would get tongue tied trying to pronounce your name (and I'm from North Carolina where we must have just gotten the internet too)

2. My Aunt who used to be a principal at an All spanish Speaking High School in Miami Florida once told me something interesting. She was explaining how the Mexican students made fun of the Cuban students who made fun of the Haitian students etc. and her conclusion was that no matter what human beings will always try to pick on who they perceive to be weaker to make them feel better about themselves. I think that is the case here. This writer never would have written that drivel if he had thought the people would have stood up to him the way Jacque and others did.

3. People from North Carolina always seem to target West Virginian's too (and this is coming from a state that was dumb enough to re-elect Jesse Helms for 3 decades) and I never really knew why, because South Carolina logically should be our target. Stereotypes always seem to crop up (like one that my friend ETW hates) like that the movie Deliverance was about West Virginia when in fact it's about Georgia.

4. Doing my Rdney King impression and still trying to figure out why people just can't get along somtimes and reckon that this thought makes it comes full circle. My feeling is that the internet (the beginning of this whole thing )is responsible. With it's convenience of locating others and bringing the world into ones home there also comes a certain cold detachment that emboldens people in ways that they would never act in person. As Jacque brilliantly points out the newspaper would never have printed what was so casually posted on the web...

Anyway thank you for the good read and I will see about linking to you on my blog... (after I get home to a computer w/o these dadgum filters)

Did I just comment too much?

Paige said...

Nope! All good points!

Buzzardbilly said...

Thanks again for sending the article my way, introducing me to the wonderful world of Jacque Jo, and forwarding the note to me for the news. I hear it will be online tomorrow (today as you read), so I guess I'll be blogging it when I see it up.

Thanks for the lovely compliment. My big ole face is blushing. ;)