Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's official... I have the touch of death.

Ok folks, I want to be clear about the fact that I should never, ever be left alone with certain electronic devices or they WILL mysteriously give up the ghost with little to no notice.

For a while, it seemed to just be mixers and, to an extent, I can understand why they wouldn't wanna hang out with me. But I think going through 6 in less than 6 months is a bit excessive though. I will admit though that I use them hard and frequently.

However, the newest addition to the frequent death club is something that I use just like everyone else. I am no harder on them than Not-So-Ex, yet it is my presence that causes their sudden death. Yes my friends, to a DVD player, I am the angel of death.

Last night was a prime example. I was psyched to get home and finish decorating my cookies while I watched "Inglorious Basterds." Not-So-Ex had a friend he wanted to go see, so I mixed up a batch of cookie dough to refrigerate overnight, fixed the icing for the cookies I had already cut and baked, then settled in to watch the flick as I iced.

I sat down, turned on the DVD player and started dipping the cookies in icing. A moment passed and I looked up to see a message on the TV saying there was no disc in the player. Irritated with myself for not checking to make sure the disc was even in there before getting my fingers coated in icing, I washed my hands and investigated further. Yep, the disc was there. Nope, it wouldn't read it. In fact, it wouldn't read any disc. *sigh*

And I'm not even gonna pretend it's the first time that's happened. When Not-So-Ex moved in with me, I had managed to break each of the three DVD players I already had. So then his three moved in. There is one still living, located in our kids' room... far from my dangerous reach.

So... ashes to ashes, pixel to pixel... or something like that.


Doc said...

Good Lord woman... what are you doing to these poor devices? Do you emmit some sort of electromagnetic force field or something? 5 DVD players and 6 mixers? you are dangerous... I think My mom still has the same mixer she had when I was a kid!
Of course if you have a bunch of other things you have killed you could make a Christmas song like the 12 days of Christmas... "six busted Mixers...5 WORTHLESS DVD PLAYERS!" 4...

Paige said...

Now I don't believe the mixers are completely my fault! They should really make $20 mixers that can handle 5-10 dozens of cupcakes (plus frostings) a week. But I'm clueless on the DVD players!

I sooooo hope I can't make a song... LOL

Doc said...

Hmmm I bet... You aren't a Jedi using the Force on them are you?

(sounds like you are kinda tough on the mixers though... Woudn't 1 $100 industrial strength mixer be better than a constant string of $20 Blue Light specials?)

Paige said...

If I had any form of the Force, folks would be dropping like flies. And, as for the mixer, my dear husband got tired of emergency runs to get another mixer so he bought me a nice fancy Kitchen-Aid stand mixer for Christmas! Yay!

Doc said...

Smart man!

(now lets see how long this one lasts.... ) :p

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I have the kiss of death on alternators....I'm almost afraid to say anything. LOL.

Matt-Man said...

So...I guess I shouldn't ask you to lay your hands upon me in order to cure my blindness. Cheers!!

Paige said...

You could... but then you'd probably have to find someone to cure your deafness since I can't seem to fix anything without breaking something else. *sigh*