Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My recipe for the perfect evening

So I had a decent day at work yesterday. Nothing spectacular, but nothing not spectacular either. I headed home expecting a standard, good evening with the family but I had no idea that two particularly wonderful guys had planned a wonderful evening for me!

My first hint came as I was walking up to my house and smelled the familiar, if somewhat out of place, smell of burning charcoal. Yep, Not-So-Ex was willing to risk the cold temps to make Hunt and I cheeseburgers on the grill. And, while Hunt may have played a part in the choice of the main dish, the side dish choice was picked just for me. What is the perfect choice to accompany a cheeseburger? Tater tots. Oh how I love them!

As if that wasn't enough to make me melt, Not-So-Ex told me to go on upstairs and take a good, hot bath while he was making supper cause there was stuff for us to do after we ate. So I took a completely uninterrupted bath (and stole one of his clean shirts to hang around the house in without him complaining) and headed downstairs for dinner. This is when I saw the final piece to the perfect day... two absolutely awesome movies (The Hangover and Inglorious Basterds) to entertain us for the rest of the evening. Well, actually, to entertain us tonight too since we only watched The Hangover before hitting the bed.

I swear I musta done something right to be such a lucky chick!


Doc said...

Sounds like a lovely evening... I really need to see that hangover movie

Christine said...

Does he have a brother or believe in cloning?

Paige said...

I whole-heartedly endorse The Hangover without reservation. Really love Inglorious Basterds too, although it's a different kind of flick.

Christine... he has a younger brother, but he's not quite equal to Not-So-Ex in my eyes! But then who is? LOL

Mandy said...

Sounds like an amazing evening. Lucky you!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Lucky, indeed! It sounds PERFECT!