Thursday, December 10, 2009

And she's back!!!!

OK, I was down yesterday. I'll admit it! I let the wrong voices have sway and my mood plummeted. But it's ok. I can admit the truth of the matter and move on. And there seems no better way to celebrate my back-ness than with a list of things I'm thankful for!

So, without further ado, today I am thankful for...

1. Space heaters - My office gets chilly. But this morning, after freezing as I walked to work, I settled into work, flipped the heater on, fixed a mug of hot tea and sipped away as I watched the snow coming down outside to the soundtrack of the Beatles songs filling my office. Seriously, how could that lead to anything but a good mood?

2. Other people's delete buttons - Ever sent an email and immediately wished you hadn't? Yeah, me too. I shouldn't be allowed email access on mopey days. LOL

3. Work I understand - Starting a new job always involves a steep learning curve. But today they started having me score grant applications. While their ways may be new to me, the world of grants I understand! And love. So today's been spent with words like "collaboration" and "objectives" and "need". That is the equivalent to a big, warm, fuzzy blanket to me. The heart and soul is totally warm and snuggly today!

4. Real friends - I have some truly great people in my life. And it's never clearer than on my bad days. I can be a real challenge when I've decided to only see the bad. But they were kind, understanding, and pretty damn helpful yesterday (and every day before and after yesterday too I'm sure).

5. Home - During most of the 3 years I was divorced, I lived in a very white apartment. It was nice enough, but it was never homey. When I first moved to my current place, I was shocked at the difference between the two places. But I have to say that it's home now. It took a while. And it really wasn't until Not-So-Ex helped me kind of rebuild (in the sense that he helped me put my life and my home back together) that it became home. It may be messy and dog hair covered, but it is home.

6. Family - Anyone who knew me during the divorce knows that I held on to this terrible bitterness and anger with my family. It was strongest towards the ones I was closest to, but it was present, to an extent anyway, with the entire family (and that's a lot of people). That has changed. When Mom emailed yesterday to ask if she could take the kids to do some Christmas window shopping, it was nice that she actually could just drop them off when it was done. She actually knew where I lived. That wasn't the case a year ago. And it's a beautiful thing.

Alright! I think that's gonna have to do it for now. I have another grant to read and a meeting soon so I better get back to work! Hope everyone else's day is awesome as well!

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