Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at the multiplex...

So yesterday, like every Christmas, was a very busy day. The morning was all about Santa and all the stuff my kids somehow tricked him into believing they deserved. There was box after box of clothes, some of which inspired incredible jealous in yours truly (especially my daughter's shirt that says Cupcakes Rock). Tons of little toys were there too And, the biggie, The Beatles Rock Band set.

After all the opening, Not-So-Ex headed back to bed and the kids and I opened up the Rock Band stuff (which took FOREVER and caused some bloodshed) and had so much fun playing together (Rena took the mic, Hunt was on drums, and I picked up the guitar) that we were almost late for the next party.

Then came the in-laws, where the food is mind-blowingly good, and then on to my maternal grandparents. After the presents at Mamaw's, we had a little time for the kids to play and such, then we hit the movies.

As we were buying gift certificates at the theater for various family members, I went ahead and picked up tickets for Sherlock Holmes on Christmas night. I grew up on the books, so I was pretty psyched, especially since I am madly in love with Robert Downey, Jr (the whole damaged artist thing is so my type *sigh*). And we weren't disappointed. The film varies greatly from the books, but, if you go with an open mind, you'll still have a blast. Which is always a good thing, since there will clearly be at least one sequel.
And, speaking of sequels, a preview was shown for Iron Man 2. At the very least, it looked interesting since Mickey Rourke is involved. But he still creeps me out. LOL
And, while on the subject of movies, I desperately want to see Nine! I love musicals (I know, I know) and there's just something awesome about sparkly musical movies! But it's interesting to see Goldie Hawn... oh wait... that's actually Kate Hudson... never mind. LOL
So anyway, maybe I'll luck out and Not-So-Ex will decide that scantily clad chicks singing (I said singing, not dancing... that would lead to a whole different thing in his mind! LOL) will be a great choice for a date night! I'll keep my fingers crossed!


rrh3 said...

Cant believe I was able to be the first one to comment on your new blog! Anyways, I think half naked chicks are awesome no matter what they happen to be doing, like dancing, singing, swinging on poles...!

Doc said...

I was thinking about going to see Sherlock Holmes... but not sure. Not sure I like that they tried to turn it into old time James Bond.

Paige said...

Don't have much experience with James Bond, but I don't think Bond was ever that screwed up. Maybe if you crossed a dirty James Bond with a not-so-cleanliness-obsessed Monk. If that makes any sense.