Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Monday Musings...

I made it back to work on a very sleepy Monday morning. It was a rather busy weekend for a lazy little schmuck like myself and, now that I have some internet, I'm gonna fill everyone in.

1. I got my cupcake mojo back! Woo Hoo! I have had cupcake failure after cupcake failure the past couple weeks! But last Thursday held a successful cupcake experiment and the weekend held the discovery of one of my favorite recipes thus far (which will be posted later today).

2. I did my homework. I was approached by someone that works helping small businesses get off the ground about starting a cupcake bakery. I put off and put off doing the pricing but sat down this weekend and figured it all out. Shew!

3. I have had a few job interviews and one finally began checking my references last Friday. I have my fingers crossed big time!

4. I went to a concert with the family last Friday night and had a ball. It wasn't really my kind of music, but there's really nothing better than sitting there holding my daughter's hand while my son falls asleep on my shoulder and Not-So-Ex softly rubs my back. I do so love being a family.

5. I have a very clean bathroom. I sat down with the kiddos and arranged weekly chores and we cleaned big time on Saturday. They were reluctant at first but were really proud when they were finished.

6. I went to church and no one got smited. There was a special program and announcement at my parents' church Sunday and the kids and I went. It was tough to get moving on a day off, but it was definitely worth it. My beautiful son was up there on stage being his normal, calm, awesome self. My daughter, who used to inspire a hand-wringing, terrified version of momma when she was on stage, stood on stage with her classmates and looked absolutely and completely normal. There are no words to describe the tears or the gratitude I felt as I watched them both.

7. Not only did I not get smited, but the sermon was even applicable. The sermon on Sunday was about not obsessively worrying and just letting go. Couldn't have been more perfect.

8. I said goodbye to Sam. Sunday afternoon was the wake and funeral for Sam Harshbarger (Meuwl). I went to the wake and checked on my friends who were closer to him than I was. Gave my hugs. Caught up on their lives. I met his parents for the first time and told them just how wonderful he was. And that was when the tears started. I tried to calm myself and was somewhat successful. I glanced at the casket but that was about all. I will remember him the way he was; full of life, animated, and with big hair. He may not have realized it, but everyone who knew him, even for a short time (like me), was better for it.

9. I have dreamed Hip-Hop all weekend. I apparently have a very active subconscious and, since Sam has been on the brain, I have had dream after dream about the Hip-Hop Boot Camp. Sometimes, when there is a death that touches me, I have terrible dreams. But, this time, the dreams have been happy and funny. It was only when I woke up that there was sadness and, even then, it was mostly replaced with gratitude for the time that I had.

10. I have a few kid-less days ahead of me! Hunt is staying with one grandmother and Rena is with the other! So Not-So-Ex and I are gonna get some time to just snuggle in and be together. I can hardly wait!

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