Monday, November 2, 2009

Just a little update...

As I mentioned before, I am internetless at home so any blogging has to come from work. Generally that's a good thing as I love anything I can do to spend work time on other things. But, between being out with a sick kiddo last week and due dates for assignments this week, I haven't been writing much. So I thought I'd just post a quickie to update everyone on my life, both the important and the incredibly random parts.
  1. Still married. So far so good. LOL
  2. While the filmmaking community in Charleston is small, we're a tight knit group and, every once in a while, something really cool and fun comes up. In my case, that happened last weekend when I got to help film an interview with Sam Trammel from True Blood. He was absolutely the awesomest guy ever (and called me sweet!), so make sure and support one of our hometown stars and watch the show!
  3. My cupcaking skills are seriously sucking these days. I've thrown away more cupcakes than have been eaten. I have decided to blame at least part of it on my crappy oven.
  4. Lemon Curd is really hard to make just right. I made two batches over the weekend and both were terrible in their own special way.
  5. If you're not careful when mixing Angel Food Cake batter, the cake won't rise and you'll get little cupcakes that look rather like marshmallows. They'll taste ok, but be ugly. Just an FYI.
  6. I have broken another mixer. After my I Love Lucy-like episode in the kitchen, dough got into the part that turns the beaters. I tried to clean it out but when I went to put what I thought were the correct clean beaters back in, they wouldn't go. So I messed for a while and then handed them to Not-So-Ex. Just after he finally forced the beaters into place, I found the beaters that ACTUALLY went with the mixer. But, alas, Not-So-Ex did such a great job forcing the beaters into place that they will now not come out. *sigh*
  7. My grandmother turned 80 yesterday AND she and my grandpa celebrated 62 years of marriage. How awesome is that!
  8. I'm working on my script for my thesis. I just finished revisions to Act I, which I am pretty happy with right this second, but the deadline for Act II is looming so I gotta get busy!
  9. I went to Mountain Stage last night with friends and saw a chick from Kuala Lampur that sounded like Lilly Allen and was smaller than her huge acoustic guitar and a guy who was described by the loud drunk guy beside us as a cross between Bob Dylan and Danzig. While I don't think that's exactly true, it was awesome to really hear someone "plug in." Anyway, it was fun.
  10. I found the perfect song for the closing credits of my thesis film. I don't know if I can get it, but I'm gonna try. And it will be a surprising choice to anyone that knows me!
Ok... I was aiming for an even 10 so there ya go! Hopefully I'll be writing more soon!


Buzzardbilly said...

If I didn't congratulate you on your marriage before, I want to now! Congratulations!

You know on the lemon curd thing, they sell lemon curd at Kroger in the British food section of the international aisle. You could get some to at least check your tastebuds against what your recipes are leaving you with.

I used to make cream candy (it's a hillbilly thing) and it's like toffee in that it has to be pulled, but it's like a science experiment in that you have to use a candy thermometer in the pot, you have to figure out where your true boiling point for sea level is (because altitude varies your boiling point), and certain ingredients can only be added one teaspoon at a time because they cause a bubbling reaction over the top of the pot and into the floor if you don't. None of the info on boiling points and candy thermometers was included in recipes. I found it in an old old cookbook. So, if your lemon curd recipe says anything like "soft ball stage" or "string stage" then a candy thermometer would help you know when you've reached those stages without the cup of water or watching for the sugar to spin a string from the spoon.

BTW, cream candy cannot be stirred when you're making it either. It's a total pain.

Glad to hear the thesis process is coming along well! It's a wringer to go through, isn't it?

Paige said...

I've bought the lemon curd before (you can find it in the pie filling section too) but I've really been trying to make all my cupcake stuff from scratch. The first recipe I tried was in the microwave and I put the mixture in too small of a bowl and it boiled over. The second recipe was on the stove and, when it didn't look like it was gonna set up enough, I added cornstarch. Well then it REALLY set up! Plus it was just a little too sour. It really shouldn't be so difficult.

Mamaw and Papaw used to make a candy like that but it had peanut butter in it and it was complete and total heaven. I used to ask em to make it all the time until I helped once and realized they were burning the crap out of their hands cause they had to cut it with scissors while it was hot. But God that stuff was good.

I wanna know more about cream candy though...