Monday, November 23, 2009

Geek Girl Weekend 2009!

I had such a blast this weekend! I've been pretty blunt about the fact that I have some Geek Girl tendencies, as does my daughter, but we got totally outgeeked this weekend. And in the best possible way.

My mother and sister-in-law are big time book geeks. If it's a book that could become a movie or series, they're totally on it! True Blood, check(although I was the one who brought the series to their attention)! Harry Potter, HUGE check! And, of course, Twilight, check!

So when they invited myself and Rena to go with them and my niece to see New Moon on Saturday, I was totally game. While I'm in no way a superfan, I am definitely always curious to see how a good book looks on screen (and yes, I liked New Moon and Twilight, although I didn't like all of the books). These are the same people who took me to a midnight book release party for the last Harry Potter book, despite the fact that I was her ex-daughter-in-law at the time.

When we got to the theater and got out of the car, I was face to face with true, glorious geekdom as I looked at my niece, mother, and sister-in-law in their matching Twilight sweatshirts. My m-i-l's shirt read I heart Carlisle Cullen. My s-i-l's read I heart Edward Cullen. And my little niece's read I heart Jacob. I laughed from the time I got out of the car until the time we walked into the theater!

And, just for the record, New Moon is much better than Twilight was. I feared for the worst. In the book, Bella was quite whiny and bordered on irritating. But she came off much better on screen. In the last film, the makeup drove me insane. It was like someone was let loose with white pancake makeup and red lip stain or something. Maybe it was because the vampire family had much less screen time in this film, but they definitely seemed to look better.

Anyway, that was the start of a generally lovely weekend! Friday evening was calm and snuggly. Saturday was time for fun with the fam. And then Sunday was cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes as I made 5 dozen for my daughter and Mom's classes. And, once I get home tonight, there will be more cupcaking since Hunter's class needs some as well!


All Click said...

As a fan of a)movies and b)vampires you would think I would rush out to see "New Moon". However, I am also not a)a girl and not b) into movies about mopey teens complaining about their love life when they should be ripping out people's throats.

Twilight was a big let down to me. Was I the only one who thought it was creepy that Edward is what...300 years old and dating a teenager? :-p

Paige said...

No you are not. Although I will warn that it gets way, WAY creepier later on in the series!

Twilight bugged me because it was just really slow (plus the damn makeup) and I really feared for this one. But it was better. Not claiming it's anything incredible, just better. LOL