Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The lengths some people will go to...

I'm having a weird sorta day. I came in late to work (which will be explained a bit further down) and, when I got here, I had emails (not unusual), voicemails (more unusual), and even someone visiting my office looking for me (very rare). All this attention is unusual, especially since I emailed and let everyone know I was coming in late, so I checked in to see what was going on.

It turns out that my boss, who is rather evil on a good day, got my letter of resignation and decided to call personnel. She then informed me that personnel would not be signing anything until next year and she doesn't know why anyone would tell me differently. She also added a little jab and said "Congratulations on finally finding a job. I've heard you've been looking hard for quite a while."

I kept my cool as I talked to her. And I sent a quick email to the HR person associated with the new job to see if my start date was going to get pushed back.

But, in the end, this is what I have to remember. I may end up screwed and waiting till January 1 (or, God forbid, later), but I will still be leaving and going to a better paying and, hopefully, more fulfilling job. She, however, will still be that boss who mistreats and belittles her employees while misusing every last iota of the minuscule amount of power she has. And, while people will put up with a lot for a paycheck, her attitude and treatment of others will ensure that this building will always, at best, be a short pit stop for those good, talented employees that most organizations want to keep.

Anyway, in the meantime, I am still thankful. Especially for the following things:

1. New blog readers. I've had quite the spike in readers lately and I love it! Welcome to my little haven of cupcakes, goofiness, movies, and all things random. Stick around, leave some comments, and, most of all, enjoy!

2. Friends with huge hearts. I also recognize that some of my new readers have come by way of searches for Sam "Meuwl" Harshbarger, an incredible person who passed away much too soon. It has been beautiful to see just how many people, myself included, cared deeply for this talented and kind guy. I don't know what happened, nor do I intend to find out. However, I do intend to honor him the best way I know how.

3. Bread machines. I just rediscovered a bread machine that Not-So-Ex and I were given for our first wedding. I had forgotten just how much I loved the smell of bread baking. And how much fun it was to sit and pour over a cookbook thinking of all the wonderful, new treats I could create. I mean, even as I type this, bread is baking at home.

4. Fresh eyes and new ideas. I'm working on my thesis script (which is the first full script I've ever written) and had a meeting with my director yesterday. We were discussing a scene that was new in the last draft and he mentioned a thought that just completely clicked. With one little change, the entire scene began to fall into place in a way that was much smoother and more sensible.

5. Totally wicked references. So, while I was trying to get the job that I have now been offered, I had to get references from those I had worked with before. Most of them I called, emailed, or texted in advance so that they knew these people would be calling. My former producer on the White movie said he had told them, "you had: people skills - could talk street slang in order to obtain pills, reasoning skills - could trade two painies for three nervies, math skills - knew that two 50 mg xanex's were equivalent to one 100 mg xanybar. The total package you are." I couldn't help but laugh hysterically at that.

6. Adjusted time. I had this super busy, crazy day yesterday. I had to work in Huntington, get back, go straight to school, and then didn't get home until somewhere around 9:30. It was exhausting, but it also means that, since I worked over, I now have some extra time to play with during the rest of this week. Of course I used one hour right off the bat this morning so that I could lounge and be lazy!

7. Exes who act like (and probably are) grown ups. I ran into a guy I dated a long, long time ago yesterday. It was nice to be able to smile, hug, check up on each others' lives, show off pics of our kids, and then just go about our days. No drama at all. Luckily, most of my exes are like that.

8. The word "frak". In general, I am a huge fan of made up words. And I must say that I find "frak" to be the most fraking hilarious word in the whole fraking world. No, really, I'm serious as frak.

OK... I guess I'm gonna put an end to this fraking post now. Have a lovely frakin' day!


Buzzardbilly said...

OMG I think you must be working for this heinous bitch I used to work under when Curmy and I worked at the same place (where we met). Unfortunately, I know it can't be that one because she works in HR. Either way, you have my deepest frakking sympathies for having to put up with that frakking kind of boss scewery at work. It's madness. Literally, the birds sang and the sky was filled with glory the day I got out from under her, but she still kept her nose in my business for just as long as she could.

The recommendation note is hilarious!

MMmmm! Bread!

Yay for anything that makes the thesis process go more smoothly!

Paige said...

LMAO! I definitely need out of here. But I know the day will come soon. And I'll go on with my happy little life and she'll keep doing what she's doing. I have no doubt as to who will come out best in the end.

Jacque said...

I have this sunny optimism that bosses who treat employees like that always end up getting theirs in the end ... They'll need help, or something major breaks, and not a single person jumps up to actually help. Gah. I'm sorry you're dealing with someone killing your parade.

All Click said...

I personally prefer "Frig" to Frak.

You say

As in "What the Frig?? I just saw a ghost!"