Tuesday, November 10, 2009


To put it simply, I am plum wore out today. I didn't have the best of nights yesterday, and my sleep was anything but good, so it took considerable work to get myself going this morning.

Once I made it to work, I realized I was going to have to spend the day on the phone. And there is nothing that I find more taxing than my nice, overwhelmingly helpful telephone personality. But I got the job done so I guess that's a plus.

The only thing that's helped is knowing that tomorrow will be a holiday so I can sleep in a little and then get some much needed kid time. And hopefully there will be more cupcaking as well since Iron Cupcake Earth is all about apples and that is sooooooo right down my alley!

So everyone enjoy their holiday!

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

I was just exhausted today. I think it was the overcast weather. Or maybe I was just catching up on the DST change. Have fun with your cupcakes!